Collapsible Agility Jumps


These jumps are show ready and constructed of aluminum and stainless steel hardware.  (They will never rust and will outlive you!)

Note the way they collapse. With jump cups in place they fold right into themselves.  

A quick note on the jump cups.  Within the uprights the cups are easily moved at 2 inch intervals and each of the heights are actually stamped into the metal for easy identification for all heights.

You get 2 painted jump bars (show ready) with each jump and our production time is fantastic. Currently we have red, white and blue available and ready for immediate shipment.

If your club requires a different color (No problem) 1 to a thousand we will take care of you.

Be advised...any purchase of these jumps requires a phone call to us.  (909) 590- 1170  Shipping isn't bad either.  Aluminum and stainless.

We are in California.  I can ship to NY for just over $20 bucks. Here comes the fun part.......


Price: $110.00 each

(Yeah they are powder coated too )


You east coast agility folk dont be calling me at 4AM..we do have a time difference don't ya know.



BTW you're welcome!

/AKC Mandated USDAA approved Measurimg device designer..

and all our other stuff too.  (Still trying to figure out how to clone Barbara)

Talk to you soon.

(909) 590-1170