A portable cooling system for dogs and people too!

This highly effective, affordable system is a must for every agility enthusiast!  K9 KOOL-MIST operates for two (yes, two) whole hours continuously, on a single filling of its one gallon reservoir.  The misting nozzle is milled at 15/1000th of an inch, spraying a super fine mist over a large area.

Tests prove that K9 KOOL-MIST lowers the ambient air temperature by as much as 30 degrees! (within your targeted area )  System pressure is maintained by giving the built-in reservoir hand pump 30 to 35 quick strokes (which takes about 10 seconds) every half hour or so when under constant use.  (In other words, left running)  Intermittent use requires much less.


You can turn K9 KOOL-MIST on/off as you need it with a twist of the in-line brass t-valve and the system will maintain pressure and last for hours on end with a single fill.

The components of K9 KOOL-MIST are the finest available in todays market providing season after season of cooling comfort.  K9 KOOL-MIST comes with 8 feet of UV treated pressure line so you can mount the (360 degree rotating) misting nozzle anywhere, with the two 11" velcro locking straps that are included.


Mount it to an exercise pen, the roof of your shade canopy, the inside of your umbrella, your lounge chair, or virtually anywhere.  The possibilities are endless...


Given its many applications like the beach, fishing/boating, golf carts, etc.  We will be offering this product to the general public beyond the agility community.  (Same product, different names) Sales of this system will soar along with rising temperatures, so ordering now would be a good idea to avoid any possible production delays due to high demand.

Your K9 KOOL-MIST will be shipped within 3 working days

Why not buy 2?  One for your teammate and one for yourself!

The "dog days of summer" are here...this year "Don't sweat it!"


(Misting photos were taken with the sun behind so you can see it)

And by the way...you sure can feel it!


Price: $60.93

Free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.


"Gotta have it!"


* A Stars and Stripes Agility exclusive. U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

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