Light weight / Folding

Measuring Device


 Field tested and approved by the AKC and USDAA

(Now required at AKC trials)




*  Extremely Accurate - Measuring as close as 1/32 of an inch.

*  Adjustable - Measuring bar and feet are adjustable for use on

    any surface.

*  Light Weight - Complete unit weighs only 6.5 pounds!!  

*  Strong - Constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum

   (used in aircraft manufacture)

*  Maintenance free - Anodized for dirt/stain-free clean up.

    (By the way, aluminum doesn't rust either)


   Judges  Need we say more?  This is the perfect tool for the

                 consummate Agility Professional.


    Clubs   An Agility Secretary's nightmare is to not have a wicket

                available if for whatever reason a Trial Judge cannot

                bring theirs.  Besides, all clubs should own one for their

                member's use too.


   Agility Schools  

                This should be a mandatory piece of equipment

                 in your training arsenal, to prepare dogs for official

                 measurements at trials; and also assure that the dog

                 is training at the height they will be jumping.


Price $307.50


(Includes shipping/handling anywhere in the contiguous United states)

Gotta have it!

Custom storage bags or airline travel/storage bags are available as well !

Bags are constructed of # 500 Denier Nylon navy blue in color.

(Current airline restrictions will not allow the device in carry on luggage)

Custom made and well worth the investment!

Price: $60.00 Storage Bag

$75.00 (padded) Airline- ready travel/storage  Bag


This measuring device price is fixed so a simple phone call to us at:

(909) 590-1170

will take care of your bag order and guarantee prompt service and delivery!

         ( Units shipped typically within 2 working days via Fed Ex/Ground/insured.)


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