The CONTACT TRAINER is composed of a 6 foot dog walk

ramp and and a 3  foot A-Frame piece.  The angles

approximate the angles of "full size" equipment.

It is compact but sturdy enough for even the largest breeds!


The CONTACT TRAINER may be folded up to a 3' x 3.5'

package and weighs only 37 pounds!





                                  Because the trainer stands only 2 1/2 feet at the apex, the danger of

                                  injury to puppies and adolescent dogs is much less.


                                  SMALL YARDS

                                  Now agility enthusiasts have a way to practice their contacts at home

                                  despite limited space.



                                 When the snow flies agility enthusiasts bring their CONTACT TRAINERS

                                 their basements and even their living rooms to keep those contacts sharp.



                                  Place a tunnel next to your CONTACT TRAINER to practice those oh so

                                  common discriminations.



                                  Every smart dog knows:  The fastest way to exit a contact is to JUMP

                                  OFF!!!  It takes practice to maintain consistent contacts.  Large dog

                                  owners have reported great improvement in upside contacts.


                                  LOW BODY IMPACT

                                  Because the dogs momentum is less, there is less impact and physical stress

                                  on the dog.


PRICE:  $165.00


As shipping charges vary from $47 to $69 dollars (depending

upon your location)  You must phone in your order to us at

(909) 590-1170   Your credit card will be accepted.


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