Stars and Stripes Agility Training Center

Course designs by Barbara Mah on CD



52 weeks of courses designed and used by Barbara Mah

here at Stars and Stripes Agility Training Center.

We won't bore you with success stories about Barbara's

          13+ years of instructing classes/ seminars or this schools phenomenal

student achievements over those years.

(4 MACH's in one weekend recently for example)


As most of you are aware, the courses you train

on carry a lot of weight in your success in the ring.


  Many a time we hear students say things like:

"The opening on the Grand Prix was just like what we did in class 2 weeks ago!"

  How does Barbara do it?  Experience.  Period.


This CD you may decide to purchase encompass's 1000's  of

  hours of dedication to her expertise in the sport.  


Her CD being offered to you now contains 52 weeks of the courses used

here.  (26 JWW and 26 STD)  Each course is "nested" outlining 3 complete

numbered sequences covering Starters/Novice, Open/Advanced, Excellent/Masters

levels all on each course.  The course dimensions are the same as you experience

in the "Exercise of the Month".  

 Some vary slightly on course dimensions and each prints out clearly

off of any computer with no additional software required.  

Here is your chance to own one.

CD's are available immediately and you can order through our "secure"

Agility Store clicking on the "Gotta have it!" link below

or give us a call to place your order

at (909) 590-1170.

Truly "invest" in your agility future.

Price: $55.00

Free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

( Any other International orders, give us a call)

Gotta have it!

These exercises may not be copied and distributed as part of any periodical or publication (whether profit

or non profit) without  express written permission from  Stars and Stripes Agility Training Center and the author.

You may use these in a club practice, on your own, or in a class.  

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